MV Cadhla is proposed to operate from Charlemont Place jetty in Dublin. This jetty is serviced by the overhead LUAS station, an essential link to the city centre for the tourists to whom MV Cadhla is marketed. However, at times, we would operate from Mespil Road Jetty as communications with Tour bus firms such as Abbey tours and Ovation group have highlighted the need for occasional coach parking facilities which already exist at Mespil Road Jetty.

This is also an essential link in the evening corporate market where another Barge Cafe Company related venture ‘La Peniche’ previously known as ‘The Barge Cafe’ aboard MV Riasc operates.

The Guinness Heritage Canal Barge MV Cadhla begins her daily operations at 08:00 and conducts 1½ hour sight seeing trips from Charlemont Place jetty and return. the trips run from the jetty to Barrow Street and return, then to Davitt Road and return. On board, a Guinness ‘ambassador’ will explain the history, local oddities and the brewery’s long association with the canal. On pre-booked tours we intend to offer live Irish Traditional music however all cruises will offer a premium food and beverage content. We will offer dining focused cruises until 17:30.

The ship will be available for private charter from 18:00. We have found a consistent demand for meaningful evening cruises for groups of 35 to 60 passengers. Due to her specialised hull and machinery MV Cadhla has been designed to offer such cruises running as far afield as Davitt Road to Grand Canal Dock, returning to Charlemont Place. These charters will be pre-booked by internet or phone and from our experience usually involve light entertainment, food and beverages. House policy is to have passengers off the vessel by 01:00 although we have noticed most charters only run until 23:00.

THE OLD GUINNESS TOUR BARGE We have very positive indications from destination companies such as Ovation Group that MV Cadhla is ideally suited to offering daily and late afternoon and evening excursions on the canal for groups arriving by tour bus, foot and Luas at Mespil Road. Such excursions would involve offering quality food and entertainment during a 1½ or 3 hour round trip. Again, our experience on board MV Riasc and shown just how popular such an operation can be with visitors.



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MV Cadhla 2094 Marine Safety Office surveyor Mike Klyne with Robert Ten Cate (ABMA shipbuilders) on survey 3 March 2009 The hull takes shape as it is ‘tacked’ together prior to full welding. View of bow looking aft. You can see the Watertight bulkhead in the middle.
A shot of the interior looking aft, wide decks in place and the fore deck to the right, waiting fitting The collision bulkhead. Unacceptable to the MSO due to un conformity by 15cm’s . Had to be removed. The main port side fresh water tank (painted in approved potable paint) and the inspection hatch
The main cabin floors looking forward. The deep wells are for the massive batteries and the hull is painted and ready for their installation prior to the cabin roof going on. The distinctive aft section, there’s a nice ass for ya.  The MV Cadhla, raised up to facilitate welding of seams under the hull. The bow thruster tunnel is at the fore of the shot. Showing her distinctive 1920s Guinness Canal Barge lines
A fine view of MV Cadhla, port side to.    
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